Feb 2, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Areas 5-6

Area 5: Guard Post

This area is a natural stone cavern the cultists have expanded over the years. The ceiling is about 4m high. The area is lit by three lanterns. One is stationed near the connection to area 4 on the ground, another is next to the warning bell so it can be easily found, and the third is typically held by one of the guards.

The cavern is relatively empty except for some chairs for the guards and the warning bell. The bell is a head-sized large bronze bell with a rope connected to its knocker. Anyone may ring it using a single CA. This will alert anyone in areas 6, 7 and 8 that intruders have penetrated the warren.

This area contains 1d4 armed and armoured cultists who stand on guard against intruders. They are supervised by a single Son of Acephax. The exits to area 6 and 7 are draped and covered.

Area 6: The Den of the Red-Striped Beast

The most twisted Son of Acephax is a monstrosity, far more demon than man. The most obvious sign of his parentage is his skin, which is mottled with irregular red lines that appear to be welts. He is a vicious, cunning monster that poses a threat even to the cult itself. But because of his parentage, he is still a holy creature and may not be killed. This room is where he is kept, and has been for years.

The ceiling is 3m high, and the room is lit with 2 lanterns. The chamber is furnished with a set of blankets, a table, a chair and a chest containing the beast's few personal items. These items are within reach of the beast's shackles.

The beast's leg is shackled in the centre of the room with an iron chain that is 5m long and bolted to the floor. The chain has AP 8 HP 30.

The beast wears long concealing robes that hide everything but his face and hands, which are similar to human ones. He will dismiss the red stripes as signs of an illness which he has come down with. The beast's intentions, should PCs stumble into the room, are to convince them to free him so that he may escape. He will claim to be a gentleman scholar named Wegmanr imprisoned by the cult.

PCs with Lore (Therns) or a similar knowledge skill may make a check to realise that the name is an archaic Thernish name unlikely to be given to a living person. The beast, due to his long imprisonment and small knowledge of the outside world, chose the name not realising this.

If the PCs wish to fight him, they may do so.

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