Feb 13, 2012

40K Stars Without Number: Eldar

This is written from the perspective of using the Tellian Sector, but the actual Eldar rules at the beginning will be useful to anyone who wants to run a 40K Stars Without Number game regardless of where in the Imperium it's set.

Lenses: Subtlety, Sagacity
Government: Oligarchy (Farseers)
Technology Level: Specialised 4 (Advanced Xenotech)
Motivation: Revanchism

Eldar roll 2d6+6 for Wisdom and Dexterity and 3d6 for all other stats.
Specialisation: Eldar can only spend skill points to learn or improve skills that they have from their class.

In the Tellian Sector:

Most Eldar in the Tellian Sector come from the Milvanen Craftworld, which is passing through the Oort Cloud of the Argurion system, and will be for approximately another two centuries before it slings itself towards the Chinvat system. Milvanen's colours are black and blue.

The Eldar are primarily engaged in the recovery of Vanaste, an Eldar maiden world in the Argurion system currently inhabited by several hundred thousand humans. Rather than kick the humans out, the Milvanen Eldar have chosen to trade with them, dominating them economically and pushing them to break with the rest of the Imperium. The Eldar hope to recruit the humans as mercenaries and pawns for their own inscrutable purposes. The effect of this in the short-term has been a recent flood of illegal Eldar goods in the Tellian sector and an economic boom for Vanaste's middle men. The Inquisition so far has had higher priorities than investigating a backwater world at the periphery of the sector, and responsibility for dealing with the situation is on the shoulders of the planetary governor of Kleist, who is totally unable to contain the situation militarily and has settled for cordoning off his world.

Recent explorator fleets surveying the Lost Worlds have discovered several other human-populated planets that have undergone this process. In most cases, the human population ends up as menials and near-slaves serving a caste of Eldar magnates who strip the planets for resources they send back to Milvanen.

There are webway portals on many planets in the Tellian sector. Its closeness to the Eye of Terror means that the region of space that became the Tellian sector was a frontier in the process of being fully colonised when Eldar civilisation collapsed.

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