Feb 4, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Area 8

Area 8: Barracks

This is the main area in which the cultists live and train during their tours in the warren. The ceiling is about 3.5m high, and the area is lit haphazardly with a varying number of cookfires and lanterns.

There is a 50% chance of there being 1d10+10 cultists here if the alarm has not been raised. There is a 33% chance they are asleep, and a 33% chance that they are engaged in training, studying, gaming or are otherwise engaged.

The cultists sleep in groups of 1d6 on loose hay and piles of blankets for warmth, as do most other Moragnians. These groups are piled against walls. Combined with the stone-coloured blankets, anyone trying to spot a group of sleeping cultists gets a -10% to their Perception roll.

There will be 1d4 small cookfires going, regardless of whether anyone is awake or not. These will be preparing pottage and stews in iron pots. The pots can be flung onto a single person as a weapon, doing 1d4 points of fire damage to anyone hit by it. Anyone eating it has a 1% chance of contracting leprosy.

The training area is the section nearest to area 9. It is separately lit, and has 1d4 racks of weapons containing spears, knives, short swords and clubs. The floor is covered in several layers of reed mats that make it easier to conceal one's footsteps. Stealth checks are at +10%. Against one wall is a 2m x 2m slate with writing on it. The writing includes a simple copy of the alphabet, and a cryptic sentence: "How far can a dog go into a forest?"

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