Feb 16, 2012

40K Stars Without Number: Minor Xenos

Dark Eldar

Lenses: Gluttony, Treachery
Government: Tribal (Clan leaders)
Technology Level: Specialised 4 (Advanced Xenotech)
Motivation: Indulgence

In the Tellian Sector:

Dark Eldar pirates and raiders can be found across the Tellian sector. The Tellian sector has many colonies and frontier worlds that are ideal hunting grounds for them. Pech, Chinvat and Granville have all suffered depredations at one time or another. Many of the mercenaries and bandits buying Eldar weapons from Milvanen do so thinking they're buying the horrific, brutal weapons of the Dark Eldar for use in terror campaigns.

Eldar roll 2d6+6 for Wisdom and Dexterity, and 3d6 for all other stats.
Jaded: Dark Eldar XP requirements to increase in level are 10% greater than normal.
Eldar PCs speak Eldar and Low Gothic.


Lenses: Wrath, Tribalism
Government: Tribal
Technology Level: 3 (Basic Xenotech)
Motivation: Waagh!

In the Tellian Sector:

Orks are uncommon in the Tellian Sector, but many systems in the Lost Worlds and the Zul-Kan domains have been overrun by them. Orks are most commonly encountered as sanctioned Xenos aboard Rogue Traders, or being used as mercenaries by unscrupulous magnates. The main Ork presence in the Tellian sector is on the numerous space hulks that trouble almost all parts of the sector. Ork-infested space hulks lurk at the edge of many systems, just waiting for an unlucky traveler to guide them to a nearby world.

Orks get +2 hit points per level and roll 2d6+6 for Strength and Constitution.
Orks roll 2d6+3 for Wisdom, Intelligence and Dexterity.
Orks speak Low Gothic, badly.


Lenses: Journeying, Tradition
Government: Tribal (Shapers)
Technology: Specialised 4 (Advanced Xenotech)

In the Tellian Sector:

Kroot are one of the most common kinds of xenos found in the Tellian sector. Several clans are expanding out of the Zul-Kan Domains, where they have been working as mercenaries for several generations, and into Imperial space. They are mostly found aboard Rogue Trader vessels working security and operations, but it is an open secret that the tech-priests of the Xantholinthic Accretion in the Choraia system have begun trading with them. The Kroot have examples of some extremely interesting xenotech the tech-priests are busy evaluating the acceptability of. The real commotion though, is that one of the items traded to the tech-priests was a mere tenth-generation reproduction of a STC print-out for a new kind of ceramic. The Xantholinthic Accretion has demanded the Inquisition not interfere with the Kroot until the origin of this print-out can be precisely determined.

Kroot may only be Warriors or Psychics (called "Shapers").
Kroot get +1 on their initiative rolls.
Kroot get an automatic free level of skill in Perception, Survival and Stealth.
In order to spend skill points to gain new skills or improve skills they already have, a Kroot must eat at least a kilogram of raw flesh from a creature that possesses the skill at the desired level or higher. Until they eat this flesh, they retain the skill points but cannot spend them.

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