Feb 6, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Area 10

Area 10: Latrine & Expansion

This area has a ceiling that varies in height from about 3.5m to just under 2m at its far western edge, and is a natural cavern made of stone. The pit in is a latrine, with a wooden platform above it holding bench seating for 8, without walls dividing the individual holes (see the note on the structure and design of the Warrens). Anyone using the facilities has a 1% chance of contracting leprosy. There is a 10% chance that 1d4 cultists are using the toilets. If the toilets are not being used, there is a 5% chance that they are being cleaned by 1d6 cultists using shovels and tarpaulins. The latrine is lit by a single lantern suspended from the ceiling over the centre of the latrine.

The southern wall is an area of expansion. There is a 25% chance of 1d10 cultists wielding picks, shovels, hammers and chisels, and working to expand the area. There is a 10% chance that a Son of Acephax is there overseeing their work. Because of the noise, all Perception checks involving sound are at -10%. When the cultists are not working, they leave their tools in the area. There is a barrel of beer near the cultists when they are working so that they can refresh themselves, and a barrel of oil to refill their lanterns. Their work area is lit by four lanterns.

The cultists have partially uncovered a mummified body. A single, shriveled left arm is stretched out flush with the wall, but several smaller bones (wingbones, in fact) have been gathered into a bucket, along with dried out, indigo-coloured feathers. Anyone who with Culture: Moragne or Lore (Theology: Hidden God) can make a check to determine that these are the remnants of an angel. If the PCs have heard the cultists say the name "Acephax", those with Lore (Theology: Hidden God) or Lore (Demonology) can make a check to that establish this must be the body of Kuryx, the archangel who bound Acephax. The cultists suspect the body is Kuryx, but only the Brides know the truth.

Anyone bearing a bone of Kuryx counts as having the spell Countermagic Shield cast at magnitude 3 on themselves against spells cast by the Servants of Acephax, Acephax himself, and leprosy spirits. A single feather when touched to a limb affected by the Spume of Acephax will instantly cure the affected body part. Each feather is good for a single use.

The three greatest treasures have not yet been recovered by the cultists.

The first is the skull of Kuryx. Like all angels, Kuryx lacks a face, and his skull is covered in blue-black parchment-like skin with a smooth wall of bone where nostrils, mouth and eyes would be. Kuryx's skull can cure any one person of leprosy once per day when it is touched to them. It will also remove all effects of the Spume of Acephax from any person that it touches The skull is not visible in the wall, and is in fact embedded about a foot further into the solid stone. It can be chiseled free without risk given time and the right tools, as it cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons. The skull of Kuryx is an angelic relic, and should Fr. Morris know about it, he will ask the PCs to give it to the Dombatian Order in exchange for a promissory note worth 10,000 silver pieces from the Sesquinard bankers near Harken.

The second is the heart of Kuryx. It is an irregular orb of smoked glass, and is the only organ contained in the interior of his body, under four inches of stone. A worshipper of the Hidden God who holds it will feel it is comfortably warm to the touch, almost as if it was still alive. It has a definite magical aura that can be detected by anyone using Detect Magic, Second Sight or Mystic Vision. Any one bearing it has the effects of Countermagic Shield at magnitude 6 against Servants of Acephax, Acephax and leprosy spirits. The bearer also counts as under the effect of a Shield spell of magnitude 6 that provides 6 points of magical protection on all locations from magical attacks or spells cast by the Servants of Acephax, Acephax and leprosy spirits. The bearer counts as being Runetouched with the Infinity Rune for so long as they bear the heart.

The heart is also a much faster way to free Acephax from his prison than the current method (endless blood sacrifice of consecrated victims), and if it is revealed, the Servants of Acephax will do everything in their power to retrieve it. The bearer will be their primary target. The heart must be shattered, crushed into a powder, and mixed with the Spume of Acephax to produce a lacquer. Any part of the statue of Acephax painted with this lacquer will be restored to power. Without interference from the PCs, it will be at least three days from the time the PCs first enter the warrens before the cult can retrieve the heart.

The heart is priceless. King Harold would gladly give the bearer a county in payment for it, and consider himself to have gotten it cheaply. The Church of the Hidden God will excommunicate the PCs unless they hand it over to them. Assassin-priests from the Heronage may be sent to recover it if they do not. Fr. Morris will gladly take it from the PCs if they simply want to get rid of it.

The final treasure is close to the surface of the stone wall, clutched in the angel's right hand. It is under an inch or less of stone, and is not firmly embedded in the surrounding rock. It is the sword of Kuryx. The sword is a war sword that counts as permanently being under the effect of Bladesharp 6. When the Servants of Acephax, Acephax himself, or leprosy spirits are visible, the bearer must resist the blade's righteous anger. He counts as having the Fanaticism spell cast on himself (though the bearer may try to resist).

This is another holy relic worth about 25,000 silver pieces to the right bidder.

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