Feb 23, 2012

Tagging and Emern Update

I'm kind of a crappy tagger, so I've resolved to get better at it. Since the tags are mainly for other people's benefits, I'm going to propose some tags and changes to tags, and I'd like your feedback on whether they'd be of any use to you.

1) Labeling all my various "Abolishing X" posts with the "Abolishing" tag, since they seem to be popular.
2) Labelling all maps regardless of campaign setting with "Maps"
3) Supplementing the "Runequest" tag with "MRQ2" and "Openquest" depending upon which specific variant, if any, I'm writing about
4) Labelling all "The Long Narrative" posts with "Long Narrative"
5) Adding "WFRP 2e" tags to all posts currently tagged "Thousand Thrones" even if they're not directly about WFRP and more about playing the Thousand Thrones (i.e. Abolishing Preprinted Character Sheets would now also be tagged "WFRP 2e")

I tested out the Emern dice maps and everything, and it's going well, though I have to keep the surveyors from trying to jump massively ahead of schedule before everyone else can catch up. That's good, that means they have the exploration bug. It was a busy session, all forward momentum. We started on Day 3 and ended on the beginning of Day 6 of 30.

In the session last night they encountered a sleeping green dragon in a geyser mudpit that they backed off confronting, and a 60' tall undead sloth with green laser eyes that they are planning to kill next session. The party split up to survey more hexes so that only Bobo and Sapporo encountered it, and they had to run away, but everyone else is gunning for its blood now. Shaqueefa decided to change name and gender to become the feared berserker Chris Brown. A bunch of people nearly got killed by an ambush by giant toads while exploring a swamp, which resulted in someone's right butt cheek being bit off by the toads, and went on until some hungry crocodiles showed up to eat some of the toads. A friendly naga rescued the evil party members when they got stuck in the mud on the bottom of a riverbed and were up to their chests in water without a clear plan of escape. Also there was quicksand, talking to giant lizards and birds of paradise, an avalanche that killed the party's mule that was carrying all the food, three PCs (the ones trapped chest-deep in the river) got tons of insect bites, a geyser sprayed boiling water in someone's face, and there was a lot of panning for gold. The quartermasters drew up a menu of what they cook each day and got 100XP each for it. There's probably some other stuff I'm forgetting too.

Mortality is a bit low right now, since I have a rule that you only outright die if you're reduced to -10HP. Otherwise, when you drop to 0 or below you're rolling around, helpless and screaming, and start rolling d10s every turn. On the first turn, you only die if you roll a 0, on the second turn you die on a 9 or 0, and so on. Otherwise, two PCs would have died tonight against the toads, but some last minute cure light wounds spells saved the day. They did get pretty badly maimed though - Samuelson had his pinky finger and his ass cheek chewed off. CLW cured the latter, but not the former. He's now "Nine-Fingers" Samuelson.

Also, cure light wounds in Emern stimulates the production of red blood cells and platelets but doesn't affect white blood cell production, so you tend to become immuno-deficient if you rely on it too much. Samuelson passed his saving throw against disease though, so he'll be fine in a couple of days.

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  1. All those tags sound good. Dicemaps might be a useful tag.