Feb 13, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Area 12

There is no lighting in this area except the lantern held by the guards.

The ceiling is 3.5m high and drops 1m to 2.5m high as it extends into each of the three lobes.

This area is almost always guarded by two cultists holding warswords. They have one lantern, and will challenge anyone who approaches. They are stationed in the easternmost lobe that connects to areas 16 and 13, but will erratically check the other lobes, including area 11, especially if they hear noise.

The westernmost lobe of the cave has access to the underground aquifer, as well as access to the surface in the form of a small ventilation shaft. The aquifer flows rapidly underneath this section, and generates a loud gurgling noise that echoes through his area. All attempts to listen for others are at an additional -10% penalty. The aquifer is exposed, and PCs may fall 10m down if they do not spot the pit in time. The pit is not concealed in any way. The ventilation shaft is the fifth surface entrance.

Plugging up the ventilation shaft will not deprive the warrens of all air, but after an hour everyone still in the warrens must make a resilience test or accumulate a level of fatigue. Flames will also start to die from lack of oxygen. If the guards spot their lantern dying, they will go and investigate the ventilation shaft.

The southernmost lobe is unfurnished. It is used as a meeting place for private conversations between Brides or Sons of Acephax as they conspire against one another. There is a 10% chance that it is being used. 75% chance if it is that either conspirator is a Son of Acephax, otherwise they are a Bride. Roll for each conspirator separately.

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