Feb 5, 2012

Sorcery in the Dawnlands: Logokratonism

Logokratonism is the distinctive sorcery of the Dwer thaumate class. It is mainly practiced by dwarves and voidmen who comprise that caste, though over time knowledge of it has spread throughout the Dawnlands, particularly in the Orthocracy of Kaddish, which has produced several notable logokratonic sorcerers, including the famous Hrainthir Mad-Singer.

Logokratonism is the most recent style of sorcery to arrive in the Dawnlands, first arriving five hundred years ago when voidmen refugees from the Kingdom of Falling Stars fled north along the Great Southern Road. The voidmen taught the Dwer their previously unknown form of magic in exchange for prominent positions in Dwer society, eventually coming to dominate the thaumate class in particular. The arrival of these magical pioneers was the impetus for Zulaith the Patriot to codify the various magical practices of the Dawnlands in his famous Zulanthine Catalogue in order to teach his fellow Kaddish about them.

Logokratonic sorcery focuses on words of power, especially true names. It is not associated with any particular language, but instead studies all known languages to find particularly potent combinations of phonemes by which to change the world. These phonemes preserve their power even when written, and Logokratonic sorcery has a distinctly literary and taxonomic bent compared to the other schools.

Logokratonic Spells

All Logokratonic spells use the same skill Sorcery (Logokratonism) regardless of their source. When a PC sorcerer learns a spell, it should be noted which tradition they learnt it under. PCs may learn the same spell in multiple styles, and may choose which style (and thus skill) they wish to use. Logokratonism contains all sorcery spells (as do the other two styles), but most ecclesia in Dwer Tor focus on certain kinds of spells over others, depending on their individual foci.

Costs for Logokratonic Spells

Casters using the Logokratonic style who cast spells with ingredient costs calculated in gold ducats do not pay gold ducats. Instead, they must test any Language skill they are capable of writing (80% or better) and get a critical success prior to testing to cast the spell normally. If they succeed normally, the magic points are not spent, but the spell is still considered a failure.

Some Ways to Learn Logokratonism

Hrainthir's On Forming True Names

Hrainthir Mad-Singer is one of the greatest living wizards in the Dawnlands, and a master of the Logokratonic style. His book, On Forming True Names, is a standard reference for apprentice gnostics in the ecclesiae of Dwer Tor and is the first true spellbook many read. It contains only a few spells, but it is theoretically rigorous and equips the budding wizard with enough knowledge to understand almost any other spell in the Logokratonic style they may encounter.

On Forming True Names teaches Mirage, Mystic Vision, Neutralise Magic, Protective Sphere, Spell Resistance and Spirit Resistance.

The Golden Flame Ecclesia

The Golden Flame Ecclesia appears superficially to be a respected school for diplomats and advocates, but it is actually Dwer Tor's school for assassins. The Golden Flame focuses specifically on magical assassination, subtle kills that cannot be traced back to their masters. They take out belligerent nomad chiefs, the prophets of demonic religions, and other threats to the sanctity of Dwer Tor. They are rumoured even to have slain one of the divine heroes, though this would be heresy.

The Golden Flame teaches its assassins Damage Boosting, Hinder, Holdfast, Palsy, Smother, and Tap (CON), plus any other spells that may be necessary for their missions.

Akoin, Stellar Heresiarch

Akoin of the Gilded College was one of the finest dwarven astrologers in Dwer Tor until it was discovered that he had contacted alien beings from distant stars. He was accused of introducing new and foreign gods and rites to Dwer Tor, and was sent into retirement in the countryside. There, he built a powerful sorcery cult using knowledge he gleamed from these alien stars, until the Dwer state attacked. He was forced to flee with his closest and most fanatical followers. Since then, he has been seen from time to time on the plains, where he teaches others how to speak to the alien beings.

Akoin and his followers teach Protective Sphere, Spirit Projection, Spirit Resistance, and Summon (Star Being).

The Star Heralds

Astrologers, haruspices and scribes of the book of fate, they offer their services to the highest bidder. For one price, they can read your future; for another, they can make you a new one. It is said they are trained in a great steel-lined pit in the western jungles, though no one but the Star-Heralds knows its location.

When encountered, they can be cajoled into teaching all Enhance (Characteristc) and Diminish (Characteristic) spells for the right price, though they will not teach their secret fate-altering techniques to any who is not a member of the order.

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