Feb 17, 2012

The Leper Star Cult

The Leper Star

The Leper Star is green-yellow, and it wanders the most of any start in the night sky. The Leper Star is the patron of outcasts, exiles, the banished, criminals, murderers, lepers and revenge-seekers. It is the Sign of Injustice, the Record of Grudges and the Lord of Hate. It is said that it sees everything, remembers everything, and hates everything. Its priests know many secrets and demand terrible prices for those who would learn from them.

The Leper Star Cult


The cult is found only in the leper colonies of the Hill People and hidden amongst the murder gnomes of Kaddish.

Type of Cult

Minor Deity - The Leper Star and its followers are reviled, hated and feared, and the religion is unpopular at best.

Cult Skills

Deception, Lore (Astronomy), Religion (Leper Star), Resilience

Worshipper Duties

Priests: Help others to obtain vengeance for their wrongs, and ensure that vengeance is as bloody as possible; Obey the wishes of the Leper Star; Spread leprosy; 

Lay followers: Accept leprosy as a blessing; Obey the priests and the Leper Star

Battle Magic


Divine Magic

All Common Spells plus Call Undead, Fear, Madness, Find (Enemy)

Special Benefits and Notes

When battle magic and divine spells taught by this cult have a cost in gold ducats in the rules, the cost must be replaced by burning one pound of dried humanoid flesh.

The Find spell included in this cult's common spells is Find (Lepers).

There are only two levels in this cult, lay follower and priest. To become a priest, a lay follower must spend 5 IP and have Religion (Leper Star Cult) at 75% or better. They must also become a leper if they are not one already.

Priests of the Leper Star identify their allegiance with green-yellow trappings, include robes, sashes, tents, etc.

Rather than waiting for a specific holy day to replenish their spells, priests must pray while the Leper Star is visible in the sky overhead. This is in the evening after sunset and just before dawn.


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