Feb 9, 2012

40K Stars Without Number Expert Training Packages

The character has been trained a diplomat, representative, or mandatory for one institution or another. This may be a large corporation, a noble house, one of the Adeptus, or even a powerful individual like an Inquisitor, Rogue Trader or High Lord of Terra.

Skills: Bureaucracy, Culture/Any, History, Language, Leadership, Perception, Persuade, Steward

The character has been trained as part of an explorator crew, surveying new worlds and strange sights for either the Imperium or the Adeptus Mechanicus or a private interest.

Skills: Combat/Any, Culture/Spacer, Exosuit, Navigation, Perception, Survival, Tech/Any, Vehicle/Any

The character is an ordained priest of the Imperial Creed. Priests may be missionaries, monks, or secular acolytes in charge of specific locations or congregations. Priests are expected to defend their flocks against external threats, and many are trained in the use of chainsword and flamer to do just that.

Skills: Bureaucracy, Combat/Primitive, Culture/World, History, Instructor, Leadership, Persuade, Religion/Imperial Creed

The character is a working criminal. Recividists tend to differ from common gangers in that they use skill and intelligence, instead of muscle, to get what they want.

Skills: Athletics, Business, Computer, Combat/Primitive, Culture/Criminal, Gambling, Security, Stealth

The character is widely trained in intellectual fields and was probably trained in a formal institution of education, like a schola or a college. Many scholars are doctors or archivists or specialists in forbidden lore.

Skills: Computer, Culture/Any, History, Instructor, Language, Religion/Any, Science, Tech/Any

The character has been formally ordained into the Adeptus Mechanicus. Such characters focus on technological and scientific knowledge, and grow less human over time as they replace their flesh with cybernetics.

Skills: Combat/Energy Weapons, Exosuit, Security, Science, Tech/Imperial, Tech/Any, Vehicle/Any

Throne Agent
The character is a specialist agent of the Inquisition or another powerful organisation such as the Ecclesiarchy. He acts outside the formal hierarchy of the Imperium to safeguard it against threats both internal and external.

Skills: Athletics, Combat/Any, Computer, Perception, Persuade, Security, Stealth, Tactics

The character is specialist in the operations of a starship. Such characters may also be familiar with operating the support craft that swarm throughout space.

Skills: Combat/Energy Weapons, Computer, Culture/Spacer, Exosuit, Navigation, Tech/Imperial, Vehicle/Space, Vehicle/Any

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