Feb 1, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Areas 3-4

Area 3: Drainage Tunnel

The floor is slick, wet and uneven here. Both the entrance and exit to this tunnel are covered with drapes. The ceiling is 2.5m high.

The pit is uncovered, and is a solid, unnatural square shaft filled with water and going down 75m to an aquifer. Characters who can hold their breath for long enough (several minutes at least) or who breathe water may swim the aquifer and emerge at either area 4 or area 12. The water appears clean and pure. This tunnel is totally unlit except for whatever light source the PCs carry with them.

The aquifer contains a rank 4 leprosy spirit in the form of a many-headed, rotting snake carcass. It will attack anyone who attempts to swim the aquifer.

Area 4: Well and Shrine

This area holds the well used by the Servants of Acephax. It connects openly to area 5. It is lit by 3 lamps in alcoves. One is always near the well, but the other two are moved around as needed. The ceiling is 3m high.

There are 1d10 55-gallon barrels of water here stacked in rows against the walls near to the well. The well connects to the aquifer that stretches to areas 3 and 12.

The well itself is an open pool of water with 1d10 5-gallon buckets nearby. It is surrounded by a stone wall of approximately 1m height to prevent accidentally wandering into it in the dark.

This area is often used by Servants looking for a bit of privacy, especially the southern end of the chamber. There is a 10% chance that 1d2 cultists are here. They will be having sex, drinking, gaming, or privately scheming. Generally, they leave this southern area unlit.

The secret passage is concealed behind a shrine to Acephax. The shrine is 2m tall, 1.5m wide and 05.m thick, and covers the drape that conceals the hidden passage. It is made of wood painted grey to look like stone, with a carved wooden miniature of the statue Acephax is imprisoned in. There is a deep bowl in front of the statue filled with the Spume of Acephax (which appears as a brown-tinged, viscous ichor). Inside the bowl are 50 + 1d20 silver pennies. The shrine can be toppled with a Brawn check.

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