Feb 11, 2012

Species of the Dawnlands: Voidmen

Voidmen are a single species and race in the Dawnlands, and are not interfertile with any other known peoples. In the Dawnlands, they are found only in Dwer Tor and its colonies. The current population are emigrants from the Kingdom of Falling Stars, far to the south of the Dawnlands. They first came north approximately 500 years ago, and integrated into Dwer society as high-caste members due to their magical and technical expertise. All known voidmen are part of Dwer Tor.

Voidmen are so-called because their eyes appear to be black with dozens of tiny flecks of white or silver, as if it was the starry night sky. They have no visible pupil or iris, though they see perfectly well. Voidmen are dark brown with curly black hair, flat noses, and very slight points on their ears. They are taller than humans, and mostly have lean, lanky builds. Voidmen have natural lifespans comparable to dwarves, about 300-400 years.

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