Mar 7, 2012

Organising Pit Fighting in WFRP 2e Part 2

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There are three kinds of tournaments, weeklies, monthlies and regionals. All three types of tournament are single elimination contests between 16 combatants, fought sequentially in pairs. Typically a tournament is an all-day event with a break in the middle. The first round of eight fights is fought in the morning, and the other three rounds (seven fights) in the afternoon. There is a break at noon for lunch. The hype man may take this opportunity to go outside the stadium and draw in more viewers through a Charm test so long as they have the Public Speaking talent. Each degree of success increases the gold the winning pit fighter takes. Multiple hype men may assist one another, but all of their successes go only to the winner. Tournament fights are normally to the first critical. The exception is the final round in each type of tournament, which are to the death or incapacitation of the opponent.

Weekly tournaments are held each week at the discretion of the pit master and are open to all comers of any rank, except for rank 1 fighters. There are four rounds in each tournament, with combatants in each round paired off with the closest ranked fighter available to keep fights more interesting. Typically, professionals (rank 6+) avoid these tournaments to avoid being seriously injured by an amateur.

Weeklies cost 2 GC to register for. The winner of the tournament takes a purse of 16 GC + 1d10 + 1 GC per degree of success the hype men get at the noon day break. He also goes up to rank 6 automatically, even if this allows him to jump multiple ranks. The surviving second-place finisiher gets 8 GC + 1d10.

Monthly tournaments are held each week at each fighting pit and are open to all professional pit fighters (rank 6 or higher). Their registration fee is 5 GC and they pay out 40 GC + 1d10 + 1 GC per degree of success. The surviving second place finisher gets 20 GC + 1d10. The winner goes up only a single rank. Monthlies may be used to go up to rank 9. They are otherwise identical to weeklies.

Regionals are held once a year by the biggest and/or most prestigious pit in the region. They are by far the biggest events, and draw out huge crowds. They are open to pit fighters of rank 8 and higher only and are normally by invitation only. The rank 10 pit fighter must compete in them to hold his title. The pairing here is different than normal, as the pit masters seek to pair opponents with the greatest difference in rank (so the rank 10 fighter always fights a rank 8 opponent in the first round). They have no registration fee. They pay 200 GC + 1d100 + 10 GC per degree of success on the hype man's roll to the winner only. The winner also becomes the new rank 10 holder, and the previous holder of that title is downgraded to rank 9 until next year.

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  1. Looks great John, this is very close to the direction I was going, I'll send you my notes when they're done.