Mar 2, 2012

Old Stuff Day!

CKutalik over at the Hill Cantons mentioned that it's Old Stuff Day. So despite this blog having been around for one a half months, I'm going to repost a bunch of my stuff that I think was overlooked. Especially from the first few weeks of the blog, when I was posting 3 times a day. I've since slowed down a bit in response to requests from people that I not overwhelm them and give them a chance to read things.

I have a popular posts widget thing on the side, so these will mainly be overlooked ones rather than the most popular ones.


New Uses for Culture (Own), 2, 3

Culture (Own) is one of those skills that can either be incredibly useful or a total waste based on how your DM sees it working. These posts attempt to provide specific ideas DMs can adapt to their own games.

Building Your Own Mongoose Runequest 2 / Legend Backgrounds and Professions

Someone was asking about this over on last night, and while people seem to be reading my Openquest weapon-design system all the time, this one gets passed over despite being just as useful. I reverse-engineered this and confirmed it to be correct with Pete Nash in 2010, so it has as close to the stamp of "official approval" as any fan stuff can.

Abolishing the Common Magic Skill

I hate the Common Magic skill in RQ, and here's my strategy to remove it from play.

My Mongoose Runequest 2 / Legend Cheat Sheet

This has most of the calculations a player will need on it, and simplifies the amount of page flipping and book hunting one has to do. The cheat sheet itself is a downloadable pdf.

Swords and Wizardry

Let PCs roll for Wandering Monsters

Currently in practice in my Emern game. It's working well.

The Maps of Arkhesh, Xapoltecan and Heshtown for Emern

Maps aplenty.


The theory pieces speak for themselves

Some Ideas About Using Random Tables

Let PCs Roll for Wandering Monsters

The Long Narrative: Recurring Locations

The Long Narrative: Boring NPCs



  1. Very nice, I accidentally dropped your blog for a few weeks after blowing up my blogroll (it goes totally ape-y at 167 blogs be forewarned). I will duly check them out.

    I think your two posts on Abolishing Parties were particularly excellent. Which reminds me that I still need to finish a draft on a post on my thoughts about those.

  2. Thanks for heads up! I'm looking forward to your posts mate, I've been a long time fan of HC.