Mar 13, 2012

A Miscellany of House Rules for Openquest

This is a grab bag of various minor rules tweaks for Openquest.


Currently, humans move at 15m by default, and other creatures move at whatever speed the referee thinks is appropriate, but there are no clear guidelines for them. I propose the following:

All creatures can move a number of metres per round equal to the average of their DEX and SIZ. Dextrous creatures move more quickly, big creatures take longer strides.

Two Weapon Fighting

A person can always count their hand, if it is not holding anything, as a second weapon for the purposes of determining whether they are armed with two weapons or not. I think brings an element of swashbuckling into fights.

Called Shots

Characters may strike specific points on opponent's bodies if they so desire, though knocking things out of people's hands or off their bodies is done by the disarm maneuver. Called shots are at -25% and require the PC to give up their reaction for the round. They cannot be used to bypass armour or to maim opponents.

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