Jan 31, 2012

Warren of the Leper Queens: Areas 1-2

Area 1: Entrance & Storage Room

This part of the caverns is used as storage space, as well as the entryway to the rest of the warren. The room is 3m high, and the ground is flat enough to be safe to run on.

At any time, there are 1d10+10 1m x 1m crates stacked around the room containing food, clothes, and other basic supplies. The crates are stacked in piles of 8, with one layer of 4 on top of another layer of 4. A full stack blocks line of sight.

There are also 1d10+10 55-gallon barrels containing fresh water, wine and oil (50% chance of water, 25% of the other two) lined up in rows of 8 against the walls. The barrels may be tipped or broken with Brawn +10% checks.

Finally, there are 1d4 piles of rags, food waste and other garbage ready to be brought above ground and discarded. These are usually near the centre of the room, away from the crates and barrels. These piles require a Perception check to spot in the darkness. Characters who do not notice the piles must make an Evade +10% check or trip and fall prone in the slippery mess. Characters who run through the piles, whether they notice them or not, must also make an Evade +10% check or fall prone.

The area is lit by 6 lanterns resting in alcoves in the wall. There are more alcoves than lanterns, letting the Servants move the light around to best suit their work.

There is a 33% chance that there are 1d4 cultists and 1d2 Sons of Acephax in this room. If the Servants are on alert, the number increases to 1d8+2 cultists and 1d4 Sons of Acephax.

Area 2: Distribution Corridor / Carpentry Supplies / Sawyer

Crates are opened, broken down, and the wood stacked and assembled for various purposes here. There is a 1m x 4m table with a mounted rack holding a full set of carpentry tools and cooper tools here, including saws, hammers, drills, chisels, files, planes, etc. There is a lantern on the table lighting the room.

There are 1d3 stacks of planks waiting to be put to work at any given time. The stacks are about 1m by 1m and are set up against the walls when full.

There is a barrel of water next to the table that is bloody - the tools are also used to torture and dismember victims of the cult and are washed clean in the barrel. The accumulated blood of individuals being killed in the Servants' rituals is mildly magical, and is used to feed the various disease spirits present in the warren. Characters with magical senses can detect the bloody water's very mild magical aura.

Anyone touching the water has a 5% chance of contracting leprosy. Anyone drinking a mouthful of it has a 15% chance. Characters drinking a mouthful regain 1d2 magic points.

The ceiling is 2.5m tall.

There is a 10% chance of 1d2 cultists here. There is a 10% chance of 1 rank 1 leprosy spirit here.

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