Jan 25, 2012

How Does One Ask to Be Listed in Blogrolls?

Right now, somewhere around a third of my traffic is coming from the wonderful Mr. Jeff Rients, simply because of all the various blogs I follow, he is one of the few that has listed me on his blogroll. I am curious to hear from more experienced blognards about what the etiquette surrounding blogrolls is, and whether I will cause dire offense if I ask a few key people who I know and respect if they would like to list me?


  1. Leave comments on other blogs. The bloggers there will read it, and probably click back to see WTF this is all about.

    Leaving positive comments it is probably more effective, but I guess it depends on the blogger...

  2. I just kind of let it happen. I'm still surprised at how many places I see mine. I do think however its okay to ask.
    Anyway, you're on mine, although I'm pretty sure that's of limited worth as I'm at best on the fourth or fifth tier of popularity.

  3. I usually just add blogs if I realize they have linked to me...and I usually don't know that until traffic actually flows in from there.

    FWIW, you're on my blogroll, which is how I saw this...=)