Jan 28, 2012

Knightly Orders of Moragne: The Militant Order of St. Aemer of Naral

The Knights of Naral are a militant religious order based out of their mighty fortress, Naral Manor. They are a popular and powerful crusading order involved heavily in the fighting in the Northern and Western Marches. Their ranks have been swelling with land-poor knights from across Moragne, all eager to serve the Hidden God in the fight against the heathen Dakon. Though many are irreligious at best when they join, the esprit de corps of the organisation emphasises piety and asceticism, and the rich rewards of fighting in the marches have turned many a heart to thoughts of the Hidden God. They are one of the few militant orders with a specific focus on Moragne; many of the others have Lacallians and knights from even more distant nations (Sassens, Geornlings, Cassermen, Narboniks, Bithistians, and Cugtlanders), as members. This has led King Harold to encourage the Knights of Naral by treating service to them as payment of scutage to him. They in turn have declared him one of their Grandmasters, and allow him to use Naral Manor as a gathering point for crusaders.

Luck, Mobility

Common Magic:
Befuddle, Clear Path, Coordination, Demoralise, Detect Enemies, Lucky, Mobility, Strength, Vigour

Divine Magic:

Amplify, Blessing (Any Combat Style), Blessing (Ride), Channel Strength, Disarm, Fear, Madness

St. Aemer's Sacrifice (50%) - Behaviours: Charity to women, children, and priests; Chastity and temperance while on crusade; Fortitude while suffering;
The Glorious History of the Knights of Naral (85%) - Behaviours: Never betray a fellow Knight of Naral; Rashness in the cause of righteousness; Strive for a glorious death

Cult Skills:
Athletics, Axe & Shield, Brawn, Courtesy, Lance & Shield, Lore (Knights of Naral), Pact (St. Aemer, Patron Saint of Naral), Persistence, Shortsword and Shield, Resilience, Ride


Applicants - Squires of a current Knight of Naral and the young sons of nobles may ask to join the order. They are tested in arms and must make a donation of 300 silver pieces to fund the good works of the order.

Miles - The lowest level of the order is composed of young men and land-poor knights who have not yet won themselves a piece of land through battle. They must show knightly potential by possessing at least five of the cult skills at 30% or greater. The miles must sanctify themselves publicly in St. Aemer's name, dedicating at least 1 point of POW to his cult. They also swear loyalty to the Militant Order of St. Aemer of Naral and to the Grandmasters of the order personally. After a successful battle, the Grandmasters portion out small fiefs to suitable miles as rewards for loyal service.

Crusading Martyrs - The next level of knights are the rank and file, who gather once a year for worship in the great cathedral of St. Aemer (which will finally be completed in only a few years time if all goes according to plan). The Crusading Martyrs must be landowners, of at least a hide of land. They must dedicate at least 3 points of POW to St. Aemer's cult. They must demonstrate knightly prowess by possessing at least five of the cult skills at 50% or greater, and at least one of these must be the Pact skill.

Grandmaster - The highest level, a grandmaster is expected to own a castle or fortress and to host any Knight of Naral who requests hospitality. They must have led other knights in a successful battle. They must possess at least five cult skills at 80% or greater and at least one of these must be the Pact skill. They must have dedicated at least 5 points of POW to the cult of St. Aemer, and must be of unreproachable character. Finally, the grandmaster candidate must be runetouched by either the Mobility or Luck runes.

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