Jan 22, 2012

I Will Be Playing The Thousand Thrones Tonight

The WFRP 2e campaign I play in (Economy of Force) has recently been put on hiatus so we can play the finally finished rewrite of the Thousand Thrones by the Liber Fanatica team. Not only that, the guys who are running and playing in it include three of the people responsible for the rewrite: Jude Hornborg, Wayde Zalken and Orbis Proszynski. Anyhow, I've seen them working on it for almost as long as I've been gaming with them (since 2009), and I'm pretty eager to play it, since I've had to keep studiously ignorant of the details of said campaign for almost as long as I've known of its existence, with the promise that one day, rewrite complete, we would play it. We'll be playing this in roughly 4 hour sessions once every other week on Sundays. I'll update you folks on how it goes.