Oct 22, 2014

Necrocarcerus Rules Updated - Version 1.1

I've updated the Necrocarcerus House Rules document to version 1.1 (353kb PDF). The link is to download this most recent version from Google Drive.

Changes include:

Hireling rules added.
Note-taker role added.
Stat modifier progression added.
Prime attribute XP modifiers added.
Rules for determining how to determine starting HP; How HP increases with level.
Social combat recalculations added.
Rangers can now only wear medium armour (previously they could wear heavy armour).
Spell failure chance while wearing armour you're not proficient with table added.
"Area" weapon quality and rule added.
Book, cleaning kit and coffee pot added to the equipment list.
Food, lodging, poisons, servants and services added to the equipment lists.
Effects of poison listed.
Costs related to changing alignment now listed.
Clarification that PCs may pursue expertise with social attack forms.
Clarification that everyone is proficient with hats.
Clarification around how you are supposed to obtain nepenthe and your own obol.
Some minor wording changes for clarification in almost every section.
Standardised formats for numbers.
The margins were changed slightly (narrowed) to allow more text per page.
The Lighting section, Spells & Spellcasting sections and Nepenthe sections were reformatted for readability.

That's everything I can think of. I've been working on this for about a week. It's about three pages longer than the previous document, although there's actually more content that's been added, it's just disguised by the increased page margins.

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