Aug 6, 2012

"What Love-Song Does the Wasp Sing to the Caterpillar?"

I've been busy with women and words and work, and my gaming's been reduced temporarily. I'm mostly playing Thousand Thrones at the moment, waiting to put together another group and maybe do some Dawnlands stuff. The title of this post is from a poem I wrote the other day, about parasites loving their hosts, so here's a bunch of links to other people's work.

A feel-good piece about how Dungeons and Dragons has been shown in one study to boost creativity compared to more linear computer RPGs.

Some drawings inspired by the Pokemon monster designs. A lot of these images would make great monsters.

Love is the Plan the Plan is Death and Painwise, two classic short stories by James Tiptree Jr., one of the best woman science fiction writers of the 20th century

Visual Understanding Environment, a piece of free open source concept mapping software. TheRPGsite has a thread explaining how a guy is using it for gaming.

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