Aug 20, 2012

Upcoming Game Pitches

These are for potential players in my fall games. There are several different groups I have active. Anyone who wants me to run a game, here's what I'm interested in doing. I only have room on my schedule for two, so get your votes in early.

1. A Traveller campaign based off the Anabasis of Xenophon. Misfortune strands you at the far end of known space, surrounded by strange and hostile cultures, and you must survive the long journey back to the core worlds. Think BSG, Voyager and Firefly with a dash of Transmetropolitan for transhumanism. Good if you like games with lots of stuff to do other than shoot people with laser guns (though there will be plenty of that).

System: Mongoose Traveller

2. A Dawnlands campaign based on classic epics like the Cattle Raid of Cooley, All Men are Brothers, the Iliad, and Beowulf as well as the Conan tales of Robert E. Howard. You are members of the Bareeve tribe of the southern Plains of Kadiz struggling for wealth, power and everlasting glory. The Dawnlands is my homebrewed non-Western mythic fantasy setting with a sword and sorcery feel. I've run a well-regarded game in it previously. This is the pitch I'm most excited to run.

System: Openquest with some RQ6 material

3. An Unknown Armies game mostly-hard science fiction game set in the late-21st century on Mars with cyberpunk, noir and gnostic themes - think Philip K. Dick, China Mieville, the Mutant Chronicles, Neuromancer and Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy with touches of Eclipse Phase. You will be members of the Martian underground and the associated criminal ecology, employed by hypercorporations to use your reality-bending, post-human talents in covert operations against their competitors.

System: Unknown Armies 2e

4. A Swords and Wizardry game set in a vast, sprawling city in the afterlife. Whoever were before you started, you're dead now, in the centre of a giant city that is half-metropolis, half-Hell. You can't die again, but fates far worse than death loom around you. Think Planescape: Torment, Spawn, and Dark Souls. Technology will be mid-17th century, so guns and cannons and bombs, but intermixed with swords and plate armour.

System: Swords and Wizardry

Votes can be sent to johnbell17 at