May 7, 2012

People of the Dawnlands: Yamon the Dreamer

Description: Yamon is a squat, hairy man of indistinct race. His ears are just pointed enough to suggest elvish heritage, his skin has the sallow green complexion of a half-orc, and he is covered in short, downy hair like a gnoll (though sparser and browner). Many who have met him compare him to a half-ape. Yamon is actually quite peaceful. He speaks all languages, and he greets everyone he encounters as his friend unless they initiate violence. He wears only a loincloth no matter the weather, and bears no other tools or personal effects, to dissuade people from foolish attempts to rob him. Yamon is immortal, very old, and very clever.

Yamon claims to be the first man to ever speak, and to access the dream world in sleep, and the first magician to harness that power, from whence all other magic descends. He does not know how old he is, but he was ancient before the first elves and humans arose, and he named the mountains back when they were islands in a great sea. He has traveled the entire world at one time or another, but has been in the Dawnlands for the past few thousand years.

Yamon is only personally dangerous if provoked, but he brings danger with him, and because of this he spends most of his time alone, wandering the world. When Yamon sleeps, his soul does not go to the dream world, but rather brings the dream world to it. The land in all directions as far as the eye can see begins to twist and change as the dream-essence seeps into it. The longer Yamon sleeps, the greater the changes become, and the greater risk than when he awakes, the changes will remain. At these times, one can cross from the dream world to the real world and back. The creatures of the dream world will not attack Yamon, but anyone else nearby is at risk.

Yamon has spent some time amongst the Forest Dreamers, who proclaimed him a demigod and were able to cope with the blending of real and dream world, but he found being worshipped stifling, and has run away from his responsibilities.

Competence Band: 5
Specialties: Deception, Lore (Dreamworld), Lore (History), Natural Lore, Resilience 

Yamon knows all battle magic spells.