May 10, 2012

Emern Update

Here's the summary one of my PCs posted of last night's game to the email thread we use to coordinate it.

"Before last night's session, our evil party lost both Sapporosaki and Chris Brown to ambushing arachnids armed with assault rifles. Though we and some jaguarmen allies eventually eviscerated our eight-legged foes, we had hardly the chance to reload our guns when a mass of 40 possessed spiders, led by a giant insanity spirit, completed their weird ritual and began to reanimate a 100-foot long (har har, Rev) centipede corpse. Our forces weakened and ill-equipped for spiritual warfare, our salvation fell to Bobo, that brave cleric of few stats and fewer accomplishments. Yet that day, perhaps brought closer to his divinity by the nearness of his own life's end, Bobo summoned great gales of godly force and turned the spirits out of that murderous, many-legged mini-millipede, exposing them to the air and our magic bullets. Our great foe vanquished (or so we thought), we fled toward the exit. But in our overconfidence--or was it base avarice?--we paused to fish many magical artifacts from a pool of sticky goo, including the misplaced pocket portal, and to capture the large quantities of fetid biomass requested by the indigo-inked instigator of this adventure, the Overlord. Bobo, our great champion, was told to watch for any returning insanity spirits; he was the first possessed, and the first of the remaining humans to die, paralyzed and at the (no) mercy of a possessed Peter Gabriel's deadly sword. The last surviving jaguarman was next to fall to Gabriel's blade, followed by Samuelson, who lived only because of his ring of regeneration. After catching the spirit by surprise, it consumed his mind and broke his will. Luckily, by this time Peter Gabriel had recovered his wits and Gruber Kelly's machinegun and blasted both spirit and Samuelson's head to smithereens. Samuelson reformed with a new face, and we all made our way in haste to the safety and strangeness of the Overlord's camp. None who survived will ever forget the perils of The Spider's Pit."

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