May 4, 2015

Safe Area Duvanovic: The Major Players


Chairman Rotman Carkell

Chairman Rotman Carkell - The face that launched a thousand posters. He appears in public once a week to oversee the execution of "traitors" selected from amongst the ranks of refugees. He wields the feared sword Tchlag, a gift from the Oozocracy.  For every hundred people killed it can send one person back to the living worlds. The promise of one day making it back to life is one of the Popular Purity Front's most powerful recruitment tools. Carkell is brutal and dangerous, but incapable of long-term strategy. His incompetence and impatience have led to the collapse of the food supply in Safe Area Duvanovic.

What's He Here For: Killing, mainly. He's Ooze-Hitler (or at least Ooze-Radovan Karadzic). 

Xi Fushan, the Mother Of Murder

Xi Fushan - The austere and infamous "Mother of Murder" oversees the black market that keeps Safe Area Duvanovic even barely functional. From an obsidian throne in the ruins of an apartment complex, she sees tens of thousands of obols flow into her coffers. Refugees bid their lives away for scraps of bread, and swear eternal service to the tongs in her service. Those who cross her vanish in the night, with rumours that they end up in the torture temple of the theosadists, selected for the most rarefied and bizarre "experiments". The exact nature of her relationship to Chairman Carkell is unknown, but the Popular Purity Front does not interfere in her operations.

What's She Here For: Deals with the Devil. When the PCs need something badly, she's who they can get it from, if they're willing to accept her terms.

Parakletos, Elpis and Ainos

Parakletos, Elpis, Agape, Ainos, Synesis, Theletos, Makariotes - A rogue cabal of theosadistic guardians who have allied themselves with the Oozocracy in exchange for the right to treat the citizen refugees of Safe Area Duvanovic as the raw material for their magnum opus, tentatively titled "Fragments Towards An Exploration of Total Power". They are inscrutable and rarely seen outside their temple, though their whims, no matter how quixotic, must be indulged under threat of a yet greater atrocity. Though Carkell thinks he is in charge of Safe Area Duvanovic, the oozes know the theosadists are the real sovereigns. Lately, as the work moves closer to completion, aesthetic disputes between the guardians have become more severe, and the entire cabal may collapse into civil war.

What're They Here For: Grossing the party out with their "experiments", providing the tangible evidence of how awful life in Safe Area Duvanovic is, and providing an explanation for any weird or horrible magical stuff you want to feature.

Lieutenant-General Arawa Okoye

Arawa Okoye - "The Butcher of Highway 735" has been tasked with recovering Sector 5 of the mega-borough of Duvanovic after a successful but bloody campaign for the eastern highway. Her forces ("The Fighting 7041st Division") are encamped to the south-east of Safe Area Duvanovic, waiting for reinforcements to arrive before advancing in force against the ooze-pyramids located nearby. She is an ambitious officer, next in line to replace General Yehan, commander of the overall Duvanovic theatre.

What's She Here For: Handing out quests, escaping to her encampment, pleading for mercy from, winning the favour of through feats of derring-do.

Veruca DeLeon

Veruca DeLeon - The luckiest of the blockade runners so far. Veruca is a Projector from the island of Cuba on the living world of Terra who was trapped in Necrocarcerus by an evil wizard from a nearby empire. She is an excellent airship pilot, in command of the sky-sloop Nuestra Senora del Cielo. Though no fan of Rotman Carkell, the oozes, or Xi Fushan, she has worked with all of them to push past AUC and its fearsome Weapon Q to deliver supplies and extract refugees from Safe Area Duvanovic. Unlike other blockade runners, she chooses not the highest paying, but the most deserving (in her view) refugees to extract. She will also drop teams of mercenaries and scavengers off in the wastes for the right price.

What's She Here For: Getting into and out of Safe Area Duvanovic, airship adventures, someone to fence stuff to, #notalloozelovers 

Oozocrat #514

Oozocrat #514 -  Oozocrat #514 is the merger of over 261 war-oozes into a single being gifted with their combined intelligence. From its regnal pyramid in the ashes of Duvanovic, #514 coordinates the ooze invasion of Duvanovic. Surprisingly heterodox, #514 has shown it is willing to work with non-Braemonian citizens when possible, including establishing Safe Area Duvanovic. It is, of course, merciless and unwavering about the need for the ultragenocide of Braemonian citizens, as are all oozes, but it accepts that other citizens have not wronged the oozes as they have.

What's It Here For: Providing an unending stream of nameless, inhuman antagonists and perils populating the great outdoors and preventing people from just walking out of Safe Area Duvanovic.