Dec 30, 2012

40K Stars Without Number Warrior Training Packages

The character is either a member of the Adeptus Arbites or a similar planetary institution. He investigates crimes and violently confronts the guilty.

Skills: Combat/Projectile Weapons, Combat/Primitive, Culture/World, Perception, Persuade, Security

The character is a member of an assassin temple or death cult, or they are a professional killer for pay.

Skills: Athletics, Combat/Primitive, Combat/Projectile Weapons, Security, Stealth, Vehicle/Any

A holy warrior motivated by faith. Crusaders are found throughout the Imperium, and are often attached to the Ecclesiarchy or the Inquisition.

Skills: Combat/Energy Weapons, Combat/Projectile Weapons, Culture/World, Leadership, Religion/Imperial Creed, Tactics

Feral Warrior
The character comes from a backwater world, often a Death World, and prefers to use the techniques they acquired there.

Skills: Athletics, Combat/Primitive, Combat/Unarmed, Culture/World, Stealth, Survival

The character acquired their skills as part of an organised criminal group where they supplied muscle.

Skills: Combat/Unarmed, Combat/Any, Culture/Criminal, Persuade, Security, Vehicle/Any

The character was a member of the Imperial Guard or PDF or a professional mercenary organisation with similar training.

Skills: Combat/Energy Weapons, Combat/Any, Leadership, Tactics, Tech/Imperial, Vehicle/Any

The character has worked as a pirate or armsman aboard a voidship, defending it from attack.

Skills: Combat/Any, Culture/Spacer, Exosuit, Navigation, Tech/Imperial, Vehicle/Space

Naval Officer
The character has served as a naval officer aboard a voidship, either as part of the Imperial Navy or a private vessel.

Skills: Combat/Gunnery, Culture/Spacer, Leadership, Navigation, Tactics, Tech/Imperial