Dec 30, 2012

40K Stars Without Number Psychic Training Packages

The character is an astropath, a psychic communications specialist.

Skills: Culture/Any, Language, Navigation, Tech/Warp

The character is an Imperial diviner, a precognitive specialist. Diviners make a good living predicting the future for their employers, both private and Imperial.

Skills: Combat/Warp, Gambling, Perception, Tech/Warp

Medicae Psyker
The character is a psyker-healer. Many of these individuals are sent to the battlefields of the Imperial Guard to serve as field medics.

Skills: Combat/Any, Religion/Imperial Creed, Tech/Warp, Tech/Medical

Psychic Investigator
The character uses their psychic powers to investigate crimes. This may be for the Inquisition, the Adeptus Arbites, or for private interests.

Skills: Perception, Persuade, Security, Tech/Warp

Psychic Scholar
The character is a researcher into the mysteries of psy-power. Many of these individuals dabble in forbidden lore, and are greatly prized by the Inquisition.

Skills: Culture/Any, Religion/Any, Science, Tech/Warp

The character comes from a feral world or other primitive background and uses its rites and rituals to activate their psychic powers. Shamans often serve as the keepers of lore for their societies.

Skills: Combat/Warp, History, Survival, Stealth

The character is an unsanctioned psyker, who will either fall prey to Chaos sooner or later, or who has already sold their soul to the laughing gods.

Skills: Combat/Warp, Culture/Ruinous Powers, Religion/Ruinous Powers, Tech/Warp

Combat psykers are in high demand amongst the Imperial Guard.

Skills: Combat/Any, Combat/Warp, Leadership, Tactics