Jan 11, 2024

RIP: Jennell Jacquays

Just publicly expressing my condolences to her family and friends on the recent passing of Jennell Jacquays, who wrote one of my favourite RPG campaign settings of all time: Griffin Mountain, in addition to a massive body of other work that very much laid out best practices in adventure, and specifically dungeon, design decades and decades ago. She had an incredibly ability to work through the intricacies of material in a way that made it tremendously concrete and practical without being overwhelming, one of my favourite examples being the various treasure maps, including fake treasure maps, that the caravan trader in Griffin Mountain can give the PCs. 

That's just one example from a truly massive and influential set of work that sprawls across properties and media-types, and that would be almost impossible to summarise effectively. She was one of the giants of this hobby, and it is worse off for having lost her.

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