Sep 9, 2016

On Working Together in the Afterlife

In the past when running Necrocarcerus, I've used some variation of Skills: The Middle Road. As I've mentioned before, I dislike skill systems that don't have rules for teamwork (which most systems lack) and I often create them for systems that don't have them. I think rules for teamwork are important because the basic unit of action in most cases outside of combat is the party, not the individual, except insofar as the mechanics force things to be resolved on an individual basis. I decided to create some rules that would encourage teamwork amongst party members by modifying how the Middle Road works.

All skills in Necrocarcerus will be binary - you either have them or you don't. Being unskilled means rolling a d6 and trying to get a 5+ (on a roll of average difficulty). Being skilled allows you to roll a d8,

For each other PC in the party who has the same skill and who cooperates with you (sacrificing their actions in the meantime), you may increase the die size you roll for the test by one type or you may make one reroll (the character contributing their action chooses before you roll, obviously). The die progression is 1d8->1d10->1d12->1d20. After a d20, you have to take rerolls.

I'm debating whether unskilled PCs should be allowed to contribute to these tests at all, but if so, they could add a +1 bonus per unskilled PC helping, provided they also sacrifice their actions.

I'm thinking of combining this with a "fact" type background like in 13th Age or Godbound that would provide further bonuses, but haven't thought that part through yet.

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