Aug 2, 2016

Necrocarcerus Update: Ribshack of the Demon Prince

Hopefully I'm gonna be running the latest Necrocarcerus adventure, "Ribshack of the Demon Prince" at LozCon, August 12-14. Here's the map:

The back of the menu at Morguul's Place (Click to enlarge)
Morguuland Gift Shop (Click to enlarge)
The hook in is that you're trying to get somewhere else in the afterlife and the only way to get there that you can afford is a package tour through a crappy travel agency that takes you to every tourist trap along the way, including the educational theme park that the cultists of an arch-demon have built atop the place of his imprisonment. Write-up to follow once I run it. Gonna test drive this one with the Black Hack, and see how it handles Necrocarcerus.

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