Jan 11, 2015

A Final Few Touches

Version 1.2 of the Necrocarcerus House Rules Document is nearly complete. I reduced the average font size to 11, but it's still bigger than 1.1, and is currently sitting at 27 pages. Before I issue it, I'm hoping to get some inspiration for the few outstanding sections I need to complete:

1) Chasing & fleeing rules
2) Summoning creatures
3) A redo of the nepenthe section
4) A light rewrite of the initiative & combat round order chart

Changes are going to be pretty extensive, I've been playtesting stuff with the Necrocarcerus group, rewriting sections that seem to cause confusion, adding material, and coming up with stuff to fill gaps in Swords & Wizardry.

Additional material includes:

Grappling rules
Perception rules
Movement rules
More gear (duct tape, film for cameras!)
More talents
Additional rules on money, including loans and credit
+ the above mentioned sections still undergoing development

There's also a ton of errata and little tweaks. Some long-term projects that won't be included in 1.2, but that I am slowly working towards include a rewrite of the cleric class along the lines of talysman's Clerics Without Spells idea; fatigue saves for every class in the game; incorporating research rules for talents, proficiencies and skills akin to the Crimson Pandect's spell research rules; a graft system whereby you can hack apart your body and sew on augmented bits; and eventually incorporating all the various procedures I use during the game as in full instead of links to blog posts.

In the mean time, if anyone has any good chasing or fleeing rules, let me know.

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