Apr 17, 2014

Skills in Necrocarcerus

From the Necrocarcerus Document:

"PCs in Necrocarcerus use
Skills: The Middle Road. Tasks succeed on a roll of 5+.

Level of Proficiency


AlchemyIdentify and brew potions.
Appraisal – Evaluate the worth of treasure items.
Arcane Lore – Identify magical effects and items
Athletics – Climbing, jumping, running and swimming
Decipher – Break codes, decipher unknown scripts, and understand strange languages
Devices – Disable traps; build devices smaller than you
Disguise – Disguise one’s self or imitate another
Engineering – Analyse features of structures such as slope, height or depth, traps
Foraging – Harvest supplies while traveling
GeographyAvoid getting lost; operate portals
Healing – Restore HP equal to roll on die
Law – Know the details of and exploit legal systems
Listening – Discern what is out of sight
Pilot – Operate and repair vehicles
Religion – Identify religious artifacts; perform ceremonies
Stealth – Surprise enemies; avoid wandering monsters
TrackingIdentify monsters and animals; follow trails"

Yes, you use the Law skill to change your alignment, or the alignments of others, and yes this affects spells. Pilot is for riding horse-likes as well as driving motorcycles, steam-wagons, airships, trains and such. You use Geography to operate portals.

There are intentionally no History or Language skills. If you want to learn history or other languages in Necrocarcerus, you do it the old fashion ways, by either drinking the brain juice of people you kill to absorb their memories, book piracy, or placating ancient and inscrutable beings of immense power. In the meantime, you speak "Regular Language", a universal standard implanted into your head during incarnation.

There are no skills that provide gainful, legitimate employment.
Current backlog of professional licenses to be issued at AUC stations: 3 years
Current planned date of the end of the world: 2 years

Social interaction is handled with the system laid out in Courtney Campbell's On the Non-Player Character. (Full disclosure: I am mentioned and my work is featured in the aforementioned book, but I receive no financial compensation for its purchase because I am a communist).

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