Dec 23, 2013

Filling Out Your Alignment Forms

"Changing Alignment
Alignments are registered with the Association of Useful Citizens – Administrative Division on a theoretically quarterly basis. One’s alignment changes by altering or forging one’s record, upon the result of a trial, upon release from punishment, upon registration with AUC – AD, by special request by the Guardians (common in inter-Guardian factional struggles), or through other forms of bureaucratic manipulation."
- from the Necrocarcerus play document

Alignments in Necrocarcerus are simply an administrative recording of whether you are an enemy of the Necrocarcerus Program, and how much of an enemy. Think of them as combination terrorist watch list, no fly list, criminal record, and administrative categorisation used by the people running your reality. This means that you don't get to pick your alignment (except for Citizens, who get an initial choice, which is then set until they change it in the usual ways), nor does it motivate your behaviour. The biggest effect is mainly in interacting with spells and abilities - Detect Evil detects anyone who has a file marked "Chaotic" in the records of the Guardians, Unholy Word will smite anyone who is marked "Lawful". It's a metaphysical-administrative state. Bureaucracy is king, so even the Undead, Rogues and Projectors can be declared Citizens in good standing if their paperwork is in order.

Why Are You Currently Chaotic, Citizen?

1 - An open warrant from local authorities
2 - Misfiled form JM-58 (b): Application for Incarnation (1-3 Wrong cabinet 4-6 Incomplete form)
3 - Bureaucratic delays in filing the paperwork to clear your name from last time (1d4 weeks)
4 - Same name as someone else on the Guardians' Priority Threats Schedule for 9998
5 - Currently listed as "Evading Arrest" due to clerical error on punch-card
6 - Name appears on informant's list of criminal confederates
7 - Local Guardian disapproved of conduct, filed form HX-99: Request to Remove Citizenship
8 - Office containing your records was recently attacked by a third party and all records lost
9 - Daring raid by unknown enemies surreptitiously inserted false denunciations into your file
10 - Taxes in arrears (1-3 Receipts and a thorough audit can rectify 4-6 Will need tax lawyer)
11 - Identity theft has led to you being blamed for someone else's crimes

12 - Your actual behaviour has been duly, efficiently and correctly logged

Where Is the Master Copy of Your Record Stored?

1 - In the Incarnation Temple you were created in (1d20 Guardians, 4d10 AUC guards)
2 - In the regional AUC - AD headquarters (4d10 bureaucrats, 1d10 guards)
3 - No one is really sure, but you can file a form to request they search (1d6 months, roll again)
4 - Last copy is in a monster's hoard via a circuitous route of happenstance
5 - In the corrupt clutches of Theosophist sadistocrats (1-3 hermit sect; 4-6 militarised sect)
6 - In one of the haunted outer rings of the Ineffable Nomoplex (1d6 shadows)

Bureaucratic Assistance With Changing Your Alignment

Clerical bribes
1d10 x 10 / case
Filing Fees
10 / page
Forged Forms
200 / page
2500 / case

Changing your alignment requires processing 1d100 pages, in cases where you pay by the page & this is possible. All prices are in obols.

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