May 16, 2013

Getting Places in Necrocarcerus

There are many ways to get around Necrocarcerus. Whenever the PCs need to get somewhere, roll 2d6 to determine who can get them there. This does not exhaust the possible modes of transport used in Necrocarcerus, it is simply the list of means willing to accept the typical adventuring band as passengers.

2 - No One. Trains are blocked or not due for many days, guides unavailable, The PCs must journey overland to reach their destination using their own resources.

3 - Horde of Pilgrims. A motley band of 2d6 x 100 mendicants and religious fanatics are traveling there by foot, usually along roads. PCs eat for free, the pilgrims will guard them while they sleep. 2-in-6 chance that a cleric with 2d6 levels is attached to the group. They will expect a sizable donation of money or a taxing service somewhere along the journey (always the least convenient time). The pilgrims move at a base rate 1 hex / 10 km per day.

4 - Mounted Knaves. 1d6 x 10 bandits and / or mercenaries mounted on horse-like creatures are willing to guide the PCs to the location in exchange for financial compensation. 50 obols per hex (10km) per person is a standard rate. Haggling over the price is possible, but it simply increases the base 2-in-6 chance that they will betray the PCs to 5-in-6. If required, they will rent horse-like mounts to the PCs for a mere additional 50 obols per day per person. The knaves travel at a base rate of 4 hexes / 40 km per day.

5 - Private Portal Porter. Paid guide to the nearest portal for a mere 200 obols per person. Will not go through portal. Roll 1d6. 1-2 it goes where it's supposed to, dumping the PCs 1d6 km from their location in less than a minute. 3-4 it gets close. 1d6 x 10 km from target destination. 5-6 Portal goes somewhere else entirely. Porter is not always aware of this.

6 - Capitalist Caravaneers. 2d6 wagons and owner-operators. Always in a rush somewhere else. Will hire PCs for 10 obols per person per day to protect them from danger. Prorated refunds expected for nonperformance. Don't hassle the camp followers, even if they hassle you first. Move at a base rate of 3 hexes / 30km per day.

7 - Public Transit. The train system is extensive and popular, and the safest way to travel. The transit system is a major employer for the newly dead, and maintained by the Guardians. Tickets may be purchased at any rail station for 10 obols per person per day of travel. Barring the occasional strike / labour stoppage, trains travel at a base rate of 7 hexes / 70km per day. Weapons must be stowed in storage lockers until the end of the trip. 2d6 passenger cars per train, plus another 2d6 cargo cars, an engine and a caboose.

8 - Styxian Fishing Boat. Goes anywhere there is water, and a few places there isn't. Typically crewed by tactiturn and gaunt figures with a penchant for ominous robes and chain smoking / smoking chains. 10 obols per hex / 10 km travelled. Moves at a base rate of 5 hexes / 50 km per day on water.

9 - Chartered Air Sloop. 2d6 air pirates for crew. Cargo is almost certainly illicit or plundered. Unwelcome in all civilised places, though common enough there nonetheless. They cost a flat 10,000 obols upfront to charter for a single trip lasting no more than 3 days, and will fly anywhere at a base rate of 120 hexes / 1,200 km per day unimpeded or slowed by terrain. Attacks by other air pirates and Perfected Spiders are known hazards. Will wait for returning parties for a mere 2,500 obols per day.

10 - Debt-ridden Demonic Draisine. Two imps will pedal the PCs along any rail line they please, though they take no responsibility for collisions with conventional trains using the same lines. The imps demand their weight in unusual organs per day (payment upfront) and have a base movement rate of 8 hexes / 80 km per day. They travel only along rail lines and constantly attempt to renegotiate their rates, pleading penury.

11 - Stomach-Howdah. The specially prepared stomach of a giant earthworm fitted out for luxury travellers and operated by a trained earthworm handler. Stewards, fine foods, rare wines, all the comforts of the living world for merely 500 obols per person per day. There will be 2d6 other passengers, plus their sycophants and personal servants. 1-in-6 chance a mysterious murder happens while aboard. The worm moves underground at a base rate of 4 hexes / 40 km per day, unimpeded or slowed by terrain.

12 - Convenient Nearby Portal. A conveniently accessible, nearby portal that is publicly known can be activated to transport the PCs to within 1d6 km of their target destination in less than a minute. 2-in-6 chance the portal is two-way.

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