Mar 16, 2013

Additional Necrocarcerus House Rules

Here are some additional house rules for Necrocarcerus

Skills, Spells & Weapon Feats

We will be using Skills: The Middle Road with a few alterations. Skill categories will remain the same as in Dark Dungeons. Each skill point a PC receives can be spent to upgrade one skill one level. Thieves' skills are special abilities are unaffected.

Weapon feats are learnt and spent as normal, except as noted below.

PCs may pay double the normal cost to reduce the training time for weapon feats and skills. This cost is to hire a surgeon who will implant a portion of the brain of someone who already has the skill or weapon feat at this level into the PC's skull. The cost is quadrupled if the PC cannot supply the brain themselves. Having, the procedure, recovering from it and integrating the new knowledge takes one month total.

Magic-Users use the rules from the Crimson Pandect for learning new spells and doing spell research.

All spells (for both clerics and magic-users) from the Red Tide campaign setting and the Crimson Pandect are available in Necrocarcerus. All spells from the Arcane Abecediary are available in Necrocarcerus. All spells from the Tales of the Dungeonesque and Grotesque Compendiums [ I, II] are available. Spells that are normally restricted to a specialist magic-user or type are available for regular magic-users, and all spells normally restricted to specialist cleric types are available for regular clerics.

Amnesia, Nepenthe, and Remembering Your Life
All citizens have their memories of life (imperfectly) removed prior to incarnation. The Guardians turn the memories into the drug Nepenthe, which they store in large warehouses and dole out to compliant citizens in payment for services. Nepenthe is a hallucinogenic intoxicant. The user experiences the memories of whoever the Nepenthe was created from. Characters can benefit from Nepenthe once per level.

Each time someone drinks one or more pints or more of Nepenthe, roll a d6 and then roll on the appropriate table in the Tales of the Dungeonesque and Grotesque Compendium. They are also helpless for 1d12 hours as they live out the dreams and memories of others.

1 - A Screaming Comes Across the Sky - Roll on the Madness Table.You now have that madness.
2 - Altered States - Roll on the Random Magical Radiation Mutations Table. Your body mutates over the next 2d6 days.
3 - Dirty Hands - Roll on the Dark Secret table. You now have that dark secret.
4 - A Strange Case - Next time your character has downtime, roll on the What Happened While You Were Gone table..
5 - The Inner Light - Roll on the Character Background Table. Gain any bonuses indicated. You do not gain equipment.
6 - By Will Alone - Gain an extra spell, skill point or weapon feat of your choice. You may spend the skill point or weapon feat immediately without additional cost or downtime.

If you drink Nepenthe containing your own memories, your immediately gain a level and remember your life. You may only benefit from this once.

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