Jan 8, 2013

A Challenge That Teaches a Lesson

Thesis: Almost no one who plays Dark Heresy understands how the interaction rules work because the actual explanation of how one gets people to do things socially is both contrary to expectations and hidden.

Do this challenge without looking at the source text (the Dark Heresy rulebook).

A PC with Fellowship 46 trained in the Command skill attempts to convince a Devoted (+20) soldier to obey a command with no other modifiers to the roll. What is the percentage chance that that the soldier obeys?

a) 66%
b) 70%
c) 46%
d) 86%
e) 93%

Follow up: How is this number calculated?

I know the correct answer, and it's always driven me nuts.

Answers can go in the comments or by G+. I'll post the correct answer tomorrow evening.