Sep 3, 2012

[Dawnlands] Katalictors

Katalictors are created from deformed, simple and maimed children in the Orthocracy of Kaddish. Any child who survives to the age of seven with such a condition or injury is taken from their guardians and tithed to the Soulforgers. The Soulforgers reshape the child into a katalictor, a pale, inhumanly perfect simulacrum of a human. Katalictors serve as agents, companions, concubines, assassins, and assistants to the Soulforgers, who are themselves forbidden to leave the city. Each katalictor is made by a single Soulforger, which creates minor variations between their appearances, but the pale skin, unusual features, exquisite clothing and air of menace and grace mark them out as a class apart from the regular Kaddish. They are fully conscious and aware, and most are extremely grateful to the Soulforgers 

Katalictors are Competence 4 antagonists. They may receive further modifications than those listed below depending on the importance of their task to the Soulforgers and the experience and trustworthiness of the katalictor in question. Common modifications include fangs, the ability to breathe underwater, a voice that compels obedience hypnotically and a bewitching scent that causes them to be highly sexually attractive. There are three broad kinds of specialties they tend to have, warriors, ambassadors and thinkers.

Warriors have Athletics, Close Combat, Dodge, and Resilience as specialties and are weak on Influence.

Ambassadors have Influence, Perception, Performance and Persistence, as specialties and are weak on Close Combat.

Thinkers have Natural Lore, Perception, Lore (Any One), and Sorcery Casting as specialties, and are weak on Influence. Thinkers typically know 3 sorcery spells.

All katalictors regenerate quickly enough that only attacks that deal major wounds affect them. Otherwise, the blow is ignored.

Katalictors usually have 14 HP.