Jun 22, 2021

A Time Tracker For You

I am planning to respond to the comments on the "Six Cultures" essay, but it's been a busy few months. I work for an organization that deals with international crises and you may have heard of a few going on lately. I have also recently been vaccinated and am trying to (safely) re-establish social connections with others and enjoy the great outdoors. I've also been doing (some) wedding planning since I am getting married next year. All of this has meant analysing why Reddit was mad or whatever has been a low priority, tho' I do intend to get to it before the end of the summer.

To tide everyone over, here is a time tracker I put together for someone who will be refereeing their first game sometime in the next week or two. They are setting it in Mystara and running through the B-series of modules supplemented by the Vaults of Pandius fan material and the Gazetteers. I like helping out new dungeon masters and referees, so I'm always happy to create these sorts of things and then share them in case others might find them useful.

Each instance of this tracker covers one day's progress, breaking it down into six watches of four hours each, and then each watch into 24 turns of 10 minutes each. It's meant to be used by the timekeeper role, so I wrote my personal notes on lighting durations under the day-hex, but you can swap in your own preferences, obviously. Fairly standard stuff, but I hope you find it useful.

Download link (jpg)

It even has a hex on it.


  1. First of all, congratulations on your wedding!

    Also, this is usefull, very usefull. Do you mind if I translate it to spanish?


  2. You're not retired!? I'm starting to suspect you might not even be an adventurer.

    Congratulations on the forthcoming nuptials.

  3. Thank you for this and the expansion of the idea of roles. I'm going to implement the heck of it in my upcoming summer camp with middle schoolers!